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Race Results

Thanks for coming, we had a great weekend! We hope you enjoyed our venue and our city.  Apologies for the chaos at registration on Saturday morning. Everyone that registered  was entered into the system on Friday. If the spreadsheet only listed you for the RR, then that is all you were registered for. Beyond that, we do  not understand what happened.

Please look over the results.  There are  a few place where unknown riders are listed. Please see if you are an unknown. This is a result of poor number pinning. If your number is on your back, officials can’t read it unless there is a helicopter over the finish. If officials can’t read your number, they are not required to record a result for you.

1N7. Racing numbers.(b) Riders shall place their numbers as prescribed by the officials and in such a way that they are visible when the rider is in a racing position. When shoulder numbers are provided for cyclocross, they are worn on the upper arm to be visible from the front. Hip numbers shall be attached securely at least at the four corners with pins and no accessory or hair may obstruct a clear view of the number (riders with misplaced, obscured or unreadable numbers will not be placed). If shoulder or frame numbers are provided, they too shall be placed as prescribed. Numbers may not be folded, trimmed, crumpled, or otherwise defaced. [Replacement of the numbers at riders’ expense if noted before the start, otherwise warning or relegation.]

The Men’s “C ” crit results are scored through 13th place. The finish camera didn’t start, so a lot of riders were not scored. Please check the results. We will wait a until Thursday before submitting results to USAC.

Also, officials are there for fair play, on the field of play, and, most importantly,  for your safety. Please do as they ask you. Making hand gestures and ignoring them could result in penalties for you. Volunteers are there solely for your safety, donating their time. Sneering at them and making rude remarks doesn’t make them want to volunteer again. Please thank volunteers, even if they make a mistake. They are not infallible.

If you did not pay your fees, please make sure you do at the next race or contact the race director.

Thanks again, hope to see you all in Clemson!




TT Start Times Registration Issues

Start Times : TTT    ITT

Registration Issues:

A large portion of the registrations on the SECCC spread sheet were missing: license numbers, bib numbers or both. If we couldn’t locate your bib number from other race results, you may have been assigned a new number. Please check at registration if you are not sure. This was extremely annoying and burned up a lot of time

Road Course Ready

The road course has been marked, swept, patched, and shoveled. The start loop has been marked with YELLOW arrows, the long loop with ORANGE arrows. The feed zone is located at the top of this climb. There is limited parking here, so please don’t park a bus here. The TT course map has been corrected to show the correct start area. The map maker made a mistake. Please remember, PARK AT WHITE TOP CREEK PARK, and ride to the start!

Road Course Map Updated

The road course has been updated to hopefully give a better explanation of the event.

Time Trial Parking and TT Info

Parking for the TTT and ITT will be located at White Top Creek Sports Complex. Please park here and ride to the start of the TT’s. There is no Parking at the TT start.

Parking Map and Location

Welcome to the CTSC Webpage

Hello everyone,

Hope you are looking forward to the penultimate race on the SECCC road calender. Check here for news and updates for the race weekend.